This page provides some optional resources for further reading, for students who would like another perspective on some of the course material. Readings will be listed on this page as they become relevant.

Warning: While these readings cover material in a way that's fairly similar to the approaches we are developing in class, they may not cover all the same points as our course, and there may sometimes be minor differences in notation, suggested analysis procedures, or terminology. In such cases, material from our actual course handouts and class notes will take priority.

All books mentioned on this page are on reserve for LING 200 (except where noted). See the Course Reserves link in Canvas.

Basic phonetics concepts and terminology (review from LING 101)

Phonology and the scientific method

Phonological features

Morphology and morphological analysis

Underlying representations, morpheme alternations, and phonological rules

Syllable structure

Optimality Theory